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Drill Fabric Properties and Uses

Drill fabric is constructed using twill weave and is very durable. It differs from denim in the fact that both the warp and the weft yarns are the same color, and are typical of a higher quality. 

The cotton drill is a highly durable pure cotton fabric with a strong twill weave that offers a diagonal strand appearance and an interesting texture.

The fabric comes in vibrant colors and various patterns, which gain strength and durability because of the presence of twill weaves. 


Reason to use Drill Fabric


· Easy to handle: A cotton drill fabric holds immense ease in its handling. All one need to do is to understand the presence of grain line while cutting before sewing.


· Maintenance: One can simply choose to wash and tumble dry the fabric in order to make it soft.

Also, the fabric should be subjected to prior wash to preshrink and get rid of any excess stain before stitching it.


· Longevity: The strong and durable nature of the drill fabric will explain the life of the fabric.

It can be subjected to maximum wear and will still remain strong due to the presence of diagonal weaves. It is a tightly woven fabric.

· Comfort: The fabric is known to provide maximum comfort and is breathable. This is because of the presence of cotton in the fabric.

One can choose to use lightweight or heavy-weight drill fabric depending upon the individual need.

Physical Properties of Cotton Drill Fabric


  • Naturally Breathable
  • Non-Static because it always contains some moisture
  • Absorbs up to 65% of its own weight without dripping
  • Soft Handle, Good Drape, Dries Slowly
  • Good strength, abrasion resistance, and durability
  • Poor Elasticity so creases easily.
  • Biodegradable and Recyclable
  • Easy to wash and dye
  • Can be boiled and bleached
  • It Can be Mercerised to create a higher luster and strength
  • Can be treated with stain-resistant finishes using Teflon or silicone.

Application and Uses


Clothing Shirts, safari jackets, military uniforms, chef coats, etc.
Home Furnishing Cushion cover, curtains, etc.
Accessories Tents, canopies, canvas, etc.

Drill Fabric Care Instructions

  • Simply washing and tumble drying the fabric to soften it is an option. 
  • Also, before sewing, the cloth should be washed to preshrink it and remove any extra discoloration.
  • No need to iron the fabric often, but if required, regular iron would be better.


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